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Dunkles Holz


Dr. Susanne Geipert

Born in Central Hesse, but now at home in the charming southern Palatinate, I internalized my love of wine early on through my Palatinate family. As an agricultural engineer with a doctorate, wine seems to have been born in my cradle. Today it is my pleasure to share my enthusiasm and expertise with other wine lovers.

In 2020 I rediscovered watercolor painting, an art that has always fascinated me. It's never too late to pursue a passion, and so began my journey into the world of colors and shapes. 2022 came in advance of participating in the "Biennale de Dakar" the exciting idea of combining wine and art - a concept that immediately excited me.

But my life doesn't just revolve around wine and art. My main job is in development aid and my experience in organic viticulture and my training in the wine sector have turned my hobby into a real passion. Qualifications such as Assistant Sommelière and WSET Level 3 as well as training to become a PAR Certified Expert Wine are milestones on my path into the wine world. I am currently on the way to achieving the prestigious title of wine academic.

My goal is to offer you more than just knowledge or pretty pictures. It's about conveying an attitude to life that creates joy and inspiration. If you would like to discover a piece of this world, I cordially invite you to take a look around my pages.

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