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Send me an email to order the book in advance, delivery will take place as soon as it is available, approx. 60 pages, price: €16 plus shipping costs

Wine knowledge uncorked:Your guide to the world of wine

The book with the best questions and answers from my wine tastings

From the perfect cheese-wine combination to the secret behind sparkling wine - in 'Weinwissen entkorkt, the aromas of the art of wine unfold. Enter a realm of pleasure that holds secrets, ignites passion and does good. Your journey of sensory discovery begins now! From fall 2023, pre-orders now!


Wine tastings and seminars in der Vinothek Par-Terre in Landau

From May I am I worked as a freelancer in the beautiful Par-Terre wine shop in Landau and was tasked with hosting wine tastings. So if you have a group of 6 people or more and would like to book a wine tasting in the Palatinate wine landscape, you can now contact the new managing director Nicole Weber, here is the link to the website:

I'm looking forward to seeing some familiar faces again!

Studied at the wine academy

Finally, a note on my own behalf: At some point last year I realized that I wasn't getting anywhere by studying the world of wine alone and so I quickly enrolled at the Austrian Wine Academy, I'm studying there now, alongside my job of course. The expected duration of the course is approximately 1.5 years. Most of the seminars take place in Geisenheim, with really great lecturers - professors from the university and various trained wine academics and Masters of Wine.

It is very demanding, the second highest level of wine training in the world, after which only the Master of Wine comes. I'm in a great group of like-minded people, we exchange ideas and develop together. Of course, I would like to let you benefit from this knowledge in the future, even if sometimes more questions arise the deeper you delve into the world of wine. But that's what's so exciting about it, and it's fun too! With this in mind, I wish you a happy Easter and say: Cheers Palatinate and see you soon!


Susanne Geipert

Dunkles Holz

New dates available for VHS seminars in Landau...

Here you can find them Info... 

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I wish everyone a happy new year Year and hope you were able to toast with a nice sparkling wine! ;-)

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